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As an award-winning author of several Christian books and a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, Damola Treasure Okenla – DTO is dedicated to uplifting others mentally, spiritually and emotionally. A certified life coach and transformational prayer strategist, she has mastered helping her clients grow and develop spiritually into the men and women they are called to be in the earth.

As the president and founder of Life Encounters, Inc., a non-profit organization that is dedicated to self-discovery and recovery, Damola facilitates seminars, workshops, and retreats to usher others into purpose fulfillment. Her organization, like her books, is a small reflection of her passion and mission for the advocacy of spiritual freedom and empowerment.

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It is time to get out of the rut in which circumstances have kept you and rise to a NEW LIFE! (Isaiah 60:1)

I have since discovered that prophecy don’t come to pass except it is worked. That is why  in order  to people to move beyond ecstasies of receiving and declaring the prophecy; I created a TWELVE PROVEN PRINCIPLES to guide in planning and preparing for the new life. I once heard, ” To appear you must prepare.” 

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