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Dr. Damola Treasure Okenla is an award-winning author, esteemed John Maxwell Certified speaker, trainer, and life coach. With a heart dedicated to uplifting others, she skillfully merges her vast expertise in pastoral psychology, public administration, theology, and Christian counseling. 


Damola is an author of Christian and inspirational books that are spiritually, emotionally and financially uplifting.


Damola helps clients identify and push through obstacles, to achieve various goals and live the life they always hoped for.​


Damola's keynotes are inspirational, motivational, unforgettable and spiritually uplifting

Meet Damola

As the founder of Life Encounters, Inc. and Hilltop Publishing, Dr. Damola is fervently committed to guiding individuals toward self-discovery, recovery, and spiritual empowerment. Discover a world of wisdom, purpose, and transformative insights with Dr. Damola.

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PRAYER: The Price, The Power and The Profit: A Simple Guide to an Improved Prayer Life

Aflame: Re-Igniting the Passion & Pursuit of Purpose Paperback

Fast Track Your Fresh Start: A 21-Day Prayer Journey Paperback

Divine Connections: A Marital Prayer Guide and Tips Kindle Edition

WATCHMAN: THE HALLMARKS: Mastering your ministry and calling

NEW SONG Paperback

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