By The Well: Dynamics of Divine Connections

…. Laying A Solid Foundation (Luke 6:47-49) 

There is no doubt, choosing a life-long partner is one of the most important decisions that anyone will make in life. ‘By The Well’ is a Life Encounters pre-marital retreat  program aimed at preparing single people to build a solid foundation for their marriage.

Biblical principles are applied in mentoring on how to choose the right partner, for the right reasons in order to avoid the pitfalls of making the wrong choice.

It is available for singles and singles in courtship (To prepare).

It is also relevant for married couples that wish to empower their marriage (To empower).

And people who need restoration of their marital relationship (To restore).

Help is available for the hurting due to disappointment from a longtime relationship breakup, separation or divorce (To support).

By the well is also aimed at pooling single Christians from all walks of life to come together to enable mingling and connections.(To connect)

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(2nd Saturday of every month)

The Program

We run a two- day residential program and also partner with churches, ministries and groups for program hosting.

The 2-day residential Retreat consists of the following modules:

  • Your Purpose and Your Marriage
  • Laying A Solid Foundation
  • Eliminating Barriers
  • Divine Connections
  • Discerning The Right Partner
  • Eliminating Excess Baggage
  • Tips For Building A Successful Marriage
  • Prayers
  • Mingling
  • One-to-one counseling


The program “By the Well” has blessed me so much. It inspires me as a single lady to look out for the best that God has for me, encourages me to pray for my marital life. Another interesting fact about “by the well” is that it gives opportunities to mingle with other singles. 
I encourage every single lady or guy out there to be part of “BY THE WELL”. -Grace A


“I started attending Life Encounters’ retreats 3 years ago and I have been extremely blessed! I am amazed by the Bible-based revelations and knowledge shared. I have experienced great deliverance and restoration through this ministry. This is actually how my journey of deliverance started. I also thank God for the mentoring I have received from DTO! Amazing woman of God, amazing ministry!” – Sonya Rolande


“This ministry has blessed me tremendously. GOD gave a word in one of the events I attended and it came to pass. I give glory and honor to HIS name. I also thank HIM for using DTO as a blessing in my life. She is a vessel that is truly used by GOD. GOD truly speaks “through her. -Jummy A