What this simple book on Prayer,  teaches is how to strategically engage the power of prayer in order to profit therein. According to Apostle Paul , he labored in prayer over others for their lives to turn out well and king  Solomon in the Book of Proverbs said, "In every labor there is profit." The labor is the price to be paid. This book  is therefore a  practical demonstration of how to effectively and strategically pray in order to attain the answers you are seeking.

"Although God certainly knows our needs, praying for them changes our attitude from complaint to praise and enables us to participate in God's personal plan for our lives"

We are most times, a prayer away from our victory.  I hope you will take the cue  from this book to pray with confidence to receive your breakthroughs



Fresh Start is for those who despite their setbacks in life, are determined to achieve their full potential.

Fresh Start is for people who are ready to push beyond their current challenges or successes because there is always something to be done, to be discovered, to be pursued and captured.

In Fast Tracking Your Fresh Start, Damola Okenla gives a great perspective on a journey that can be done by anyone. You just have to make the choice. She demonstrates the multiple ways you can go about getting yourself back on track with God. If you have lost your way, Damola’s inspirational guidance will help you get back on track with faith, hope and confidence. This 21-day journey is refreshing, and you will not be disappointed in the things you are opened up to and the self-discoveries you are certain to enjoy along the way.

Coming Fall 2018

Coming Winter 2018


In Divine  Connections: A Marital Prayer Guide and Tips, Okenla engages the power of prayer and the infallible Word of God to educate believers about the godly steps involved in choosing a spouse and preserving and divine covenant of marriage.
Damola Treasure Okenla incorporates easy-to-use tips and prayer pointers to guide singles and couples on their journey of covenant building and sustaining strong marriages that will fulfill God's agenda on earth. In Divine Connections, you will discover the following:
  • Your purpose and the purpose of marriage
  • How to lay a solid foundation
  • How to eliminate barriers
  • Tips for building a successful marriage
  • Divine connections
  • How to discern the right person
  • How to eliminate excess baggage


David, in anguish, cried out to God, “Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry; Do not be silent at my tears” (Psalm 39:12). God responded by bringing him out of the miry clay-- and when God established him, David declared, “He has put a NEW SONG in my mouth” (Psalm 40:1-3).

New Song is a strategic prayer guide for believers ready to break free from the trials and challenges that we face in the wilderness of life.

As Christians, we should never allow our issues to overwhelm us. We have the privilege of taking everything to God in prayer.

Oyindamola Okenla revisits the stories of ordinary people such as Hannah, Daniel, and Esther who learned the miraculous power of prayer, reminding us that God will turn our sorrows into songs of joy. She encourages us to heed the admonition of Jesus, our Lord- that we ought to “pray and not to faint”, (Luke 18:1). This prayer guide has been strategically composed to provoke deliverance from the grips of ignorance to promote divine establishment leading every believer to sing a NEW SONG!