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Ideal Audience: single adults over 18

Singlehood is not a taboo.
Making the most of Singlehood
What do you do while waiting

Ideal Audience: single adults over 18

Discovering Your Purpose
The effect of marriage on your purpose: make or break you?
How to prevent distractions and diversions

Ideal Audience: single adults over 18

Laying a Solid Foundation
How to Eliminate Barriers
Discerning The Right Person

Customized Topics according to Conference Theme
Can work around any theme as relating to singlehood.


Ideal Audience: Women Of All Ages On The Journey Of Fulfilling Purpose

Created For A Purpose
Equipped For That Purpose
The Hidden Potentials: Accessing and Maximizing Them

Ideal Audience: Women Of All Ages

Unmasking The Real Person
The Problem
The Prescription
The Prognosis
The Physician

Ideal Audience: Women Of All Ages

How to Maximize your Purpose, Potentials and Endless Possibilities
Turning Your Potentials into a Profit Center

Ideal audience: women you need to overcome past setbacks and adversity

How To Thrive After Suffering From Setbacks, Losses, Adversity or Disappointment
Don’t Get Stuck In The Rut
Why Do People Get Stuck?
How To Move Forward
Making a Fresh Start


Introduction To Prayer
The Protocol Of Prayer
All Manners of Prayer

The Price You Paid In The Place Of Prayer
The Power Of Prayer
The Profit In Praying

Employing tactics in Prayer
Praying To Obtain Result
Ideal Praying. Knowing what, when and how to Pray
Understanding Different Kinds of Prayers

What Is Intercession
Why And When Do You Do Intercession
The Intercessor

Ideal audience: those serving in the prayer ministry of a church or for anyone who has the burden to pray for a specific cause or people; those who need support to master their calling

Who Is A Watchman
The Roles Of The Watchman
The Hallmarks Of A Successful Watchman

Ideal audience: For Pastors, Prayer Leaders and Others
Purpose: To Raise Awareness For The Need For Intercession For The Pastors

Why Do You Have To Pray For The Pastors
The Pastoral Prayer Squads
Making It Work

Conference Topic On Prayer Can Be Tailored Towards Your Theme.
I can Speak On Any Topic Relating To Prayer, and Intercession

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