Dr. Damola Treasure Okenla stands as a beacon of inspiration, wisdom, and transformative leadership. An award-winning and best-selling author of numerous Christian books, her voice resonates deeply with those seeking spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.
Esteemed as a John Maxwell Certified speaker, trainer, and life coach, Dr. Damola has dedicated her life to uplifting individuals on every plane: mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Her comprehensive understanding of pastoral psychology merged with her expertise in public administration, theology, and Christian counseling, crafts an approach that is both holistic and heart-centered.
At the core of her mission is the transformative power of spiritual growth. As a certified life coach and transformational prayer strategist, she has fine-tuned her abilities to nurture her clients, guiding them into becoming the dynamic men and women they’re destined to be in this world.
Dr. Damola’s commitment to healing and self-discovery led her to establish Life Encounters, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on self-discovery and recovery. Through this platform and its flagship program, “FRESH START MEADOWS,” she organizes seminars, webinars, workshops, and retreats, all designed to lead individuals into realms of healing, recovery, and purpose fulfillment.
Her divine calling goes beyond written words and seminars. As an ordained minister, she dedicated over 25 years to serving in various capacities at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, including roles as an associate pastor, teacher, counselor, and intercessor. Her last ministerial tenure at Jesus House Chicago saw her taking the helm as the lead intercessor, coordinating prayer ministry events under the guidance of the senior pastor.
Academically, Dr. Damola’s credentials are a testament to her dedication. Holding a Doctoral degree in Pastoral Psychology, she’s also a Board-Certified Master’s Mental Health Coach. Her multiple Master’s degrees span across Public Administration, Theology, and Christian Counseling. Specializing in areas like marriage counseling, stress management, traumatic care, and post-divorce healing, she has proven to be a guiding light for countless souls. One of her hallmark initiatives, “Divine Connections by the Well,” stems from her personal experiences and a burning desire to ensure no woman undergoes the trauma of harmful relationships.
In the literary realm, she is the president and founder of Hilltop Publishing, assisting Christian authors in their publishing journeys, ensuring their messages of faith reach eager readers. Hilltop Transformation Academy and Treasured Woman Coaching LLC are other notable ventures that showcase her multifaceted approach to spiritual growth and empowerment.
Beyond her spiritual endeavors, Dr. Damola’s versatility shines as she takes on roles as an accountant and project manager. Her memberships with the American Association of Christian Counselors, The Institute of Internal Auditors, and The Project Management Institute (PMI) underscore her commitment to excellence in every field.
More than her achievements and affiliations, Dr. Damola’s life mission is crystal clear: aiding others to recover from painful experiences, unlocking their immense potential, and guiding them to lead lives brimming with purpose, impact, and fulfillment.
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