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Happening September 25

Why Is This Necessary?

You will agree that there is so much noise in the world from politics, religion, from the needs around you to your personal needs. If care is not taken, a watchman will sometimes be influenced by those external voices and pray from the place of biases. Like our Master Jesus, we must make it a duty to step away aside from time to time (Mark 6:30-31).

It is crucial to those ministering to others to receive ministry; it’s about SELF – LOVE AND SELF – CARE.

As an Intercessor/ Watchman, I understand the power of REST and CARE, and that’s why I want to personally invite you to join other speakers and me for this year’s edition of WATCHMEN CONNECT virtual retreat.

Watchmen Connect is transformative and energetic, gathering of purpose-driven, passionate and goal-oriented intercessors and prayer leaders desiring to step up their walk with God and in their work for Him (Isaiah 62:6-7; Ezekiel 22:30)


Networking, Reactivation, Rest – Proverbs 27:17


Reigniting The Passion – Romans 12:11


Refuelling The Fire – 2 Timothy 1:6


Rediscovering The Purpose Of Your Calling As A Watchman/Intercessor Isaiah 62:6-7
Renewal Of Strength – Isaiah 40:29-31
Reordering Of Direction  1 Chronicles 12:32-33
Disconnecting From Distractions – 2 Timothy 2:4-5
Opportunity To Build Relationships With Other Intercessors – Proverbs 27:17; 2 Timothy 2:2
Receive Rest – Mt. 11:28; Mk. 6:31; Jer.6:16; Ps.23:1-2
Spirtual Renewal – Eph.4:23; Ps.4:23; Isa.41:1
Refocusing – Col.3:2; Isa.26:3 ;Mt.6:34; Phil.4:8; Heb.12:2; Pro. 4:25
Opportunity To Refresh – Ps.23:3; Jer.31:25; Ps.19:7; Pro.11:25; Rom.15:32; 1 Co.16:18; Phil. 1:20

Meet The Guest Ministers

Rev. Adesola Babalola is a teacher of the word of God who was raised to equip souls for a prosperous living in the Kingdom of God. She is an author and a passionate writer. In addition, she practices as a nurse practitioner.  She is married to Rev. Sola Babalola, who is the senior pastor of Kingdom Pathway Church, Chicago. They are blessed with five children.
Pastor Yetunde Okesanya passion for women freedom advocacy and empowerment led to the foundation of Talk without judgment (TAWIJU). 
As an ordained Minister with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, she has served diversely. She is also a seasoned intercessor.

As a law and politics graduate from Keele University, Staffordshire, England. She practiced as a lawyer, and In 2008, her quest for knowledge led to her becoming a board-certified registered nurse in Illinois, USA. She is currently the CEO of a home health company -, His Hands Outreach (HHO), Located in Lagos, Nigeria. She is blessed in her marriage with two adults.
Pastor Felix Bamirin is called of God to be a voice that represents God’s will and ways as an ambassador of Christ in the earth. He is called to take the Gospel of grace, love and power of God to the Nations for redemption, transformation and revival, with healing, signs and wonder. Called at the age of 14 to be a Minister of the Gospel. He has since been running to and for God with a clear declaration of liberty to the oppressed and Goodnews to the poor. He believes that we can cast the devil out with a command but it takes Truth to keep him out. That truth is what Felix Bamirin is all about. Liberating the world with the truth of the Word. He has an undying passion for the body of Christ to be who Christ wants her to be. He is married to a loving wife, Pastor Esther, and they’re blessed with 3 wonderful children. He is currently the Pastor of Graceway Church in Austin, Texas USA. His passion is to carry on the mission and message of the Christ to several places as the Lord leads and enables in Apostolic missions

About The Host

As an award-winning author of several Christian books and a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, Damola Treasure Okenla is dedicated to uplifting others mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. A board-certified mental health coach,  life coach, and transformational prayer strategist, she has mastered helping her clients grow and develop spiritually into the men and women they are called to be on the earth.

As the president and founder of Life Encounters, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to self-discovery and recovery, Damola facilitates seminars, workshops, and retreats to usher others into purpose fulfillment. Her organization, like her books, is a small reflection of her passion and mission for the advocacy of spiritual freedom and empowerment.

As an ordained minister, she served as an associate pastor, teacher, counselor, coordinator for women’s ministry, and intercessor for over 21 years at the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Through her work, her innate ability to transform lives through ministry and God’s message of hope speaks loud and clear, long before she says a word. In her last ministerial assignment, which was at Jesus House Chicago, Damola served as the lead intercessor and coordinated prayer ministry events under the leadership of the senior pastor.

Holding Master’s degrees in both Theology and Christian Counseling, she specializes in marriage and pre-marital counseling, stress management, traumatic care, life after divorce, and women’s issues. Having overcome traumatic relationship experiences herself, she has an empathic heart for singles and women seeking hope amid trying to get out. Her program, Divine Connections by the Well, was born out of her personal experience and her determination to make sure no other girl or woman will go through such trauma. For more than fifteen years, she has partnered with individuals and groups to inspire and motivate others to live the life God intended for them to live—assisting them in rebuilding and recovering from losses and setbacks in life.

Also, Damola serves as the president and founder of Hilltop Publishing. She assists Christian authors with publishing and social media management for their book projects—positioning them for excellence in the marketplace. She is the President of Hilltop Solutions Academy LLC. and Treasured Woman Coaching LLC.   Apart from ministry, Damola works as an accountant and project manager and holds a Master’s in Public Administration. She is also a faithful member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, as well as The Institute of Internal Auditors and The Project Management Institute PMI®. More than anything, Damola is on a mission to help others discover their true potential, live a life of purpose, and earn a profit while doing it.
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